Projet : Kouak – HTTP File Share Server

Kouak is a basic portable file share server over http. He let you share easily files in heterogeneous environments and in just few clicks. He doesn’t need installation and run on every machine from windows xp sp2 to windows 7.

Why use HTTP for sharing ?
HTTP is the most common naively supported protocol. He’s also easy to “use”. For comparison, try to ask to your grand ma’ to install an ftp client and then configure the timeout (cause your file is 1.2go) and then connect to the server, browse the file and find the one she needs. In your side you have to setup/start the ftp server, configure a new user, give her the access, set the permissions…
With kouak you just need to run, give the url, and ask her to go to internet on the url and download the file as she usually do.
It’s easier isn’t it ?
The other advantage is the plurality of OS available. When we use windows share, it’s ok in a windows environment. But if you have linux, bsd or MacOS computer, you need to install a lot a crappy services and drivers to try to access to your share.
HTTP : connect and download from anywhere in anycase !

Page du projet :

(Cherche traducteur fr/anglais ! )



3 thoughts on “Projet : Kouak – HTTP File Share Server

  1. koral

    Juste pour rendre service, voici quelques erreurs :

    He => It
    let => lets
    eterogenous => heterogeneous
    environements => environments
    few click => few clicks
    don’t need => doesn’t need
    install ftp client => install an FTP client
    timout => timeout
    found => find
    she need => she needs
    ark => ask
    she do usually => she usually does
    acces => access

    Par “portable”, ne veux-tu pas plutôt dire “cross-platform” ?

    1. manu404 Post author

      Non, par portable je veux dire : “ne nécessite aucune installation pour le déploiement, juste un copié collé” ^^

      (En dehors du dotnet framework 4.0)
      Je corrige ça de suite, merci beaucoup 😀


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