Send a file trough bluetooth in C# with 32Feet.NET

32feet Once again, another article about this little puppy called 32Feet.NET. In the previous article I show you how to download a file, now we will send a file to the remote device. Once again, proceed in two steps. First one, as in the previous article ( juste retrieve the BluetoothDeviceInfo object. And here’s the upload method 🙂

        public void SendFile(BluetoothDeviceInfo device, string fileToSend, string destinationPath)
            // Build te OBEX uri and create an OBEX web request
            var obexUri = new Uri("obex://" + device.DeviceAddress + "/" + destinationPath);
            var request = new ObexWebRequest(obexUri);

            // Fill the request with the file data

            // Send the request to the targeted bluetooth device
            var response = request.GetResponse() as ObexWebResponse;

Published by Emmanuel Istace

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5 thoughts on “Send a file trough bluetooth in C# with 32Feet.NET

  1. Can you please send a code for pairing of device (laptop and a hand held device) using 32feet library

  2. My idea is: I create the program that will detect my partner’s pc via Bluetooth. This accepts communication (or I have direct communication, because it can be both ways) that has an image in a folder in the c: \ image \ directory, for example.
    After my pc has to do the “download” of the image and I see the image on my pc.

    I need suggestions from the community. I have visual studio 2015 installed that I use for C # classes. I have already installed the necessary libraries.

    Do you have the complete program?

    Thank you for your help.

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