Reload IFrame and manage Same-Origin policies with JQuery

jquery-logoFor a project, I had to dynamicaly reload an IFrame (within a JQuery dialog box) and include cross domain pages.
To load the IFrame and set the source :

$(FrameID).attr("src", URL);

To reload the IFrame you can use :


But if the content come from another domain you will be denied access to the iframe’s contentDocument property due to the same-origin policy.
To force the cross-domain iframe to reload if your code is running on the iframe’s parent page, you can set it’s src attribute to itself.

var iframe = document.getElementById(FrameID);
iframe.src = iframe.src;

But be carefull, this is a hack ! So if you do something like this in production code, comment it, or the next one would probably remove this code who seems totally useless.

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