Is Apple mimicking Metro UI with the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S ?

Apple-LogoToday, Apple show to the world their two new devices, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. There’s a lot of new technical stuff’s, sometimes interresting (64bits, fingerprint, …) sometimes not… The price cuts are also a good thing and from what I’ve understand they tend to have a kind of 3 segment strategy to cover a larger market with low cost/normal cost/high cost devices. Anyway, I’m pretty sure a lot of bloggers will share the infos, the point here is not on that. If you agree, take a look at the following pictures coming from the conference found on article :




For me, Apple is now following Microsoft and NokiaLumia-like devices (property of Microsoft too since they acquire Nokia few days ago). The interface of the iOS6 start to looks like totally cleaned, the colors also remind me the Windows Phone devices… Tim Cook said : “Apple wants to make things easier and better for users. They don’t want to just pack in feature after feature.” I wanted to point that out as the situation is usually the opposite. Are the Apple’s engineers missing creativity since the death of Steve Jobs ?

Last remarks, something that totally surprise me, the Apple stock value of the day. I was expecting increases but… nop…

See you next time and keep it bug free !

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