New look for the 5th blog anniversary

eLogo 5 years ! I’m writting articles since 5 years at the end of this month ! Approximatively a fifth of my life. Started on blogger and 6 month later migrating to wordpress after a friend showed me this plateform. For the nonce, the blog have a totally new look I judge easier to read and a new logo (on the left). In 5 years 123 articles written, 24 categories, 363 tags, 314 different commentators, 233 images uploaded, 60 documents uploaded and a lot of fun ! During this half decade, this blog allowed me to gain a lot of experience in knowledge sharing , articles writting  and teaching. So I will certainly in the next few days or week write an article about the lessons learned about blogging during these 5 years of sharing. Also I would start to write about more “career” or “industry” stuff’s, perhaps with another media like the Medium plateform so stay tuned ! I’ve also written some articles about other languages than the classical .Net related like Prolog or Eiffel and how to use them from a .Net application, they’re just waiting for some pairs reviews and formating and will certainly be published during the next weeks 🙂 This experience was a real pleasure with a lot of evolution, fun and passion !

And the most important, thanks to you too, you’re the biggest motivation for me to continue writting and always trying to increase blog and content quality. Thanks !

See you next time and keep it bug free 😉

1 thought on “New look for the 5th blog anniversary

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