Very simple plugin mechanism in C#

Once again I had to face the famous content aggregator problem. I already have done that on several project so I decided to write an article on that for the ones who wonders how to accomplish things like that. Background So, the situation is : I have a system, who consume several services, aggregate the […]

Reload IFrame and manage Same-Origin policies with JQuery

For a project, I had to dynamicaly reload an IFrame (within a JQuery dialog box) and include cross domain pages. To load the IFrame and set the source : To reload the IFrame you can use : But if the content come from another domain you will be denied access to the iframe’s contentDocument property […]

Mono and Firebird : IOControl Not Implemented

 This is a repost from a question I asked on that I finally manage by myself… The issue I’m actually working on a project where I need to host a .NET webservice on a linux server hosting a firebird database. When I try to run the sample code from and call the method, […]

MF Mapping Framework – Beta release

Hi folks, since a long time I have to publish this project and I finally got the time to release a beta version of it. The purpose of this project is to provide a simple framework component to easily map object from different types. A simple example is given just below. For now the project […]

Send SMS in C# with Xamarin MonoForAndroid

I’ve started to develop android app’s in C# with the ubber great Xamarin MonoForAndroid framework which allow us to develop android apps in C#/.Net. If you don’t know it yet, take a look at their website, a truly great product 🙂 Anyway, I just share to you a little code snippet to send SMS from […]

Send a file trough bluetooth in C# with 32Feet.NET

Once again, another article about this little puppy called 32Feet.NET. In the previous article I show you how to download a file, now we will send a file to the remote device. Once again, proceed in two steps. First one, as in the previous article ( juste retrieve the BluetoothDeviceInfo object. And here’s the upload […]

Download a file through bluetooth in C# with 32Feet.NET

Hi folks, my first article in english. I finally switch from french to english. Just hope my indexing will not be too impacted ^^ So, here I’ll briefly show you how to download a file from a remote device through bluetooth with the library (available here). I proceed in two steps. The first one, I […]

MSMQ : Architecture et principes

Présentation de MSMQ MSMQ, acronyme de Microsoft Message Queuing est une implémentation Microsoft de Message Queue. Une Message Queue est un ensemble de techniques permettant l’échange asynchrone de messages. Par exemple, une boite mail peut être considérée comme un MQS (j’utiliserai par la suite cette abréviation pour parler de manière générique des message queuing system), […]