3 ways to list installed software with Powershell

Here’s 3 little code snippet to get the software installed on the local machine using powershell. Usefull when scripting setups and deployment ! Slow but really complete. Based on the software in Add/Remove Programs. Fast but may miss some software. Based on the software registering in the registry for uninstall. Fast but may miss someContinue reading “3 ways to list installed software with Powershell”

The inline if statement in C# : Surprise !

Hi, I got a strange issue today I posted on stackoverflow. The Issue Here’s the situation, I’ve abstracted the name and logic to focus on the issue. Got 3 types, A, B and C. B & C have implicit operators defined to convert to A object. Then, when I do this, the code compile andContinue reading “The inline if statement in C# : Surprise !”

Noninvasive global software mocking with registry

I recently had to do something unusual for me. The issue In production-like environment, I had to “mock” a third party application called by mine. My application call the third party app just like as we do when we run something from command prompt with some arguments. The problem was a little bug in thesesContinue reading “Noninvasive global software mocking with registry”