Integrate Syncrosoft Metro Studio 2 in your development process.

As a lot of WPF developer, I love the free Metro Studio from Synchrosoft. Most of my WPF projects, professional or not, use at a moment or another Metro Studio as the icon source but also image source as they are scalable vector graphics. But, out of the box, the integration between Metro Studio and Visual Studio is not great. At the end of this article you’ll be able to regenerate dynamically your resource file on project build. Also you’ll be able to do this on a build server as we don’t actually need Metro Studio installed on the build machine for the generation.

File lock lors de build avec Visual Studio

Voici un petit workaround aux soucis de process qui continuent de s’executer après la fin de la debugging sessions sous visual studio.   Unable to copy file “obj\Debug\MyAddin1.dll” to “bin\MyAddin1.dll”. The process cannot access the file ‘bin\MyAddin1.dll’ because it is being used by another process. Comme beaucoup (du moin j’imagine) quand le soucis se produisaitContinue reading “File lock lors de build avec Visual Studio”

Désactiver l’hebergement automatique des library de services WCF

Cette feature serait apparament en backlog pour la prochaine release/update? de visual studio si on s’en tiens a : Mais pour le supprimer le seul moyen est d’aller supprimer le ProjectTypeGUID et le ProjectExtensions dans le fichier .csproj de la lib. Le GUID est 3D9AD99F-2412-4246-B90B-4EAA41C64699. Il faut donc le supprimer de : Et supprimerContinue reading “Désactiver l’hebergement automatique des library de services WCF”