What’s next ?

This blog is mostly dead and will never be back imho…

I’m still active as a musician and software developer. (https://emmanuelistace.be)

It’s been really interesting to write those articles within those 6 years of activity in a 10 years lifespan and around 400 000 page read. But no more interest nor time, information is everywhere, stackoverflow, github and similar are vastly adopted and provide reactive community driven dev, the overall documentation quality seems better then ever… You can literally spend hours reading or listening to talks of all around the world tech guru from Martin Fowler to Uncle Bob, from A. princple ABC of Amazon to Y. chief ABC officer of Netflix, sitting in your chair ^^

I don’t really have the will to trash everything, so I’ve conducted a quick review, there should not be red flag articles remaining, but keep in mind the dates those articles have been written, they might be kinda outdated 10 years later.

As articles can’t be read easily without direct link, referencement will slowly go down and articles will disapear over time, proportionnal to their relevance.


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